So, after spending the night at spences bridge. We only really expected to do another short ish ride of about 80km. Going was good and spirits where high and we decided to push throughall the way to kamloops which would make it 132km for the day . The going got tough pretty quickly as me and marc started to become fairly dehydrated after about 100km meaning our paced really slowed in the bakin sun that we’d been riding in all day and the terrain got hillier.


Me loving my life

As much as I was suffering I’ve realised in the last few years, I’ve started to take great pleasure in how far I can keep going no matter how tired I feel. Luckily with about 25km to go we came across a gas station where we could refill our water, which gave me the burst of energy to push through happily enough till we got to chewies, were we’re now having 3 days rest.

Can’t wait for the next section as my legs are now feeling well rested and excited to make our way up to jasper.