So, marc writes a lot on this blog thingy, but I never feel the need to read it, as I was there.  However one I have been wondering about is, does marc say mean things about me? I also wonder if he reads my blog as I don’t have much to say normally and he is also doing same stuff as me anyway. Anyhow my point is, marc is a big fat poo head. This should cover all the points in the previous sentence,  in case he does say mean things about me and  to see if does read what I write.

Anyway, since I last wrote stuff and stuffy things we’ve made it through sascatichwan and and a had a goodtime catching up with Dean and getting a nice feed from his mum. Stayed at Our first warm showers host Sarah who was awesome and gave us a great homemade breakfast to start our next day. We’ve cycled a lot across flatish land, but for that drive across the prairies, it’s not as flat as you think. We also made it all the way past. Winnipeg, which is apparently where winni the poo got his name from. If you’re ever in Winnipeg go to the Dhoom restaurant, they serve a most excellent banquet curry and nearlly exploded. Some of the previous events described might be in the wrong order but tough, I can’t be bothered editing the text.

The only thing now is it’s taking us a long time to manage the last 150km to cross the boarder into Ontario as we keep having a head wind. Hopefully we’ll make it tomorrow but legs are getting tired and for once doing this trip actually feels like its actually happening.