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death or glory

so we’re a few days into the trip now and it’s been pretty eventful with almost death and plenty of glory. Mel has fallen over at least 4times because  of the clips on her shoes, and went off the tiad into a ditch. Im actually quite happy she fell in a ditch as it meant we chanced our arm when we needed to camp for the night and ended up pulling into west coast wild zip lining. They were super nice and let us camp on site, built a fire for us and gave us a beer. We almost managed to leave he next day, but just as we where about to leave they persauded us to stay and took us zip lining and we ate some great bbq foos. It was awesome and many joyjoys where had.

I think we are all feeling the multiple days cycling but we had a good rest day in van and we are now making our way to kamloops. Didn’t quite manage to find a campsite tonight,  so we’re roughing it by the side of the road for the night.

Another thing hat I did was invesy in a better seat, so lets hope my bottom fairs a bit better.

Calm before the storm

Its been a few awesome days relaxing and surfing in tofino and uclet. Now its time if its ok to do the last 3 of the 5 p’s proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Either way, we’re starting in yhe morning

Our first campsite as a group



And me and marc already fighting before the trip has even started


Also mel went for beer 5 hours ago and seems to of disappeared

Chillin like a villain

So been chilling for 2 days now in kamloops and heading to tofino tomorrow to get to the starting point of this bloody thing. Good news though, my buttocks are feeling almost normal again, bad news still struggling with an inflamed muscle in my leg from an injury snowboarding a few weeks ago. Well at least the other leg still works properly


2 days in the valley

So I’m not much of a writer, but I thought at least make one entry to this blog. After riding for 2 days to get to marc ‘s house as my only training, something really stands out in my experience.  It’s pretty much what I expected but now reality is setting in. I have question myself as to why I’m doing this because right now my bum realy hurts. If I do post more stuff it’s probably going to be me complaining about my buttocks

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