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Nice little ride today, now chilling out just past upsala at savanne river resort. Everybody else has hidden in their tents for some reason as it’s a beautiful evening just relaxing by the river.

Some other stuff has happened sinve the last post but it just mainly involves peddling. Accept we have bumped into a few more tourers and 1 has joined our gang for a few days also called chris.

Temple Of Dhoom

So, marc writes a lot on this blog thingy, but I never feel the need to read it, as I was there.  However one I have been wondering about is, does marc say mean things about me? I also wonder if he reads my blog as I don’t have much to say normally and he is also doing same stuff as me anyway. Anyhow my point is, marc is a big fat poo head. This should cover all the points in the previous sentence,  in case he does say mean things about me and  to see if does read what I write.

Anyway, since I last wrote stuff and stuffy things we’ve made it through sascatichwan and and a had a goodtime catching up with Dean and getting a nice feed from his mum. Stayed at Our first warm showers host Sarah who was awesome and gave us a great homemade breakfast to start our next day. We’ve cycled a lot across flatish land, but for that drive across the prairies, it’s not as flat as you think. We also made it all the way past. Winnipeg, which is apparently where winni the poo got his name from. If you’re ever in Winnipeg go to the Dhoom restaurant, they serve a most excellent banquet curry and nearlly exploded. Some of the previous events described might be in the wrong order but tough, I can’t be bothered editing the text.

The only thing now is it’s taking us a long time to manage the last 150km to cross the boarder into Ontario as we keep having a head wind. Hopefully we’ll make it tomorrow but legs are getting tired and for once doing this trip actually feels like its actually happening.

Neil collins is awesome

Not much new accept for plenty of mosquito bites and more peddling. However riding along yesterday evening 15 km from tyner, a very kind gentleman pulls over in his truck and offers us a place to stay for the night to get out of the crazy wind that we had cycled through all day which would of made camping quite interesting. Thanks neil, syou hospitality was awesome

probably a masterpiece of blog writing and stuff

So, to keep marc happy I’m making my biannual blog podt thingy. Quite a bit has happened since the last post.

Mel decided to use plastic bags as gloves on our trip from blue river to valemont


We went white water rafting with Stella decentsjust out side of valmont. Where we had a great time especially on the beaver followed by awesome food coojed on the camp fire


People trying to run and catch marshmallows in their mouths at speed


We then met up with kim and chloe in jasper after finishing our first province, which was great and we also git another place to stay for free. Also I saw my first wild bear too


This was jysr a short pit stop before riding through probably the most scenic and beautiful rides of my life through the ice fields parkway. Im sure marc has posted some beautiful pics alrwady for this as I cant be bothered flicking back through my sd cards right now. However we did get snow over night on the first campsite and decided to chill out for yhe day and make a nice warm fire



Stayed a couple of nights in banff, and had a great nights sleep at thr fairmont. Thanks for that mrs Henley. It also gave me chance to catch up with some friends liam, carly and steff which was awesome and go for a nice hike.

We ditched our msr tents too in banff after this happened for the 2nd time on the trip to my tent. Which is annoying because the replacement is about twice the weight but at least its $200 cheaper


After a night staying with marc’s cousin we headed to drumheller where it was cheaper to get a hotel than pay for a campsite. I decided for the good of everyones health that it was safer to hang my cycling shoes out of the Window as they are getting a bit stinky


If you ever go throuh drumheller make sure you make it to the dinosaur museum, because its ace


Finally today was probably the toughest days cycling of the trip so far and to be honest it is the first day of actually cycling ive not enjoyed I  the whole trip.

Im sure other stuff and stuffy things have happened but they’ve currently slipped my mind

On the road again

So after s slightly longer than planned stop in kamloops, we’re back at it. Pretty glad marc and mel persuaded me to take an extra rest day after being ill as I dont think I would of made it very far without it. We managed about 90km or so today but decicded not to push onto clear water and take an early rest. The couple that own the campsite we’re staying on just north of little fort are super nice and we just sat with them for the last couple of hours Trying out a bunch of puzzles they had. Pretty im special now as I couldn’t complete any of them. Tomorrow should be interesting heading to blue river as its about 130km with a nice climb at the end. At least I don’t think I’ll be sick if I eat anything now though

The hills are alive with the sound of music6

Sorry mel. Me and marc have bought harmonicas. I think you might get quite annoyed with our attempted playing soon. Muhahahzhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahajjahajajjah hahahahahahahahahahjahajaj

We’re in this for a long time, not a good time

So, after spending the night at spences bridge. We only really expected to do another short ish ride of about 80km. Going was good and spirits where high and we decided to push throughall the way to kamloops which would make it 132km for the day . The going got tough pretty quickly as me and marc started to become fairly dehydrated after about 100km meaning our paced really slowed in the bakin sun that we’d been riding in all day and the terrain got hillier.


Me loving my life

As much as I was suffering I’ve realised in the last few years, I’ve started to take great pleasure in how far I can keep going no matter how tired I feel. Luckily with about 25km to go we came across a gas station where we could refill our water, which gave me the burst of energy to push through happily enough till we got to chewies, were we’re now having 3 days rest.

Can’t wait for the next section as my legs are now feeling well rested and excited to make our way up to jasper.

todays forecast

Tanlines will be……….EPIC

Happy birthday marc


Grind house a go-go

Been a really good couple of days cycling that have had some nice hills to climb which I’ve been putting my head down and grinding out a lot in granny gear. Legs are getting pretty tired and looking forward to a couple of goods days rest when we make it to kamloops

Also met a really awesome family last night that let us camp in their garden for the night in boston ford. We saw them doing renovation on their property and decided they looked like people that would let us camp fot the night. It turns out that they were converting the bottom floor of their house into a store and ee more than welcome to stay. We almost could of stayed 2 nights, but if we kept staying at places we’ll never make it across canada.

Also 3 new members of the superawesomefunclub have been enlisted, welcome Christian, roman and emma

A new hope

So after a lovely days cycle we’re in hope especially having camped last night by the road and a rail track,  which was pretty crap. Pretty nice around here especially csmping by the river. I also feel. I feel I’m quite behind marc on blog entries, so I’m going to keep typing for a bit so everyone gets more bang for their buck. It’s been quite a successful birthday for marc so far, we had a nice lunch and chilled out in an indoor hot spring at harrison hot spring. It’s very pretty around there with a nicebig lake. Im still vaguely keeping track of my daily joyjoys so I can graph them at the end, I reckon I’ve accumulated 1100 sox far today, and we are yet to go get a nice meal for marc’s birthday.

Happy birthday marc

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